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Mindfulness Meditation

Free your mind and body from tension with the help of Dr. Nancy Rubel of Mindful Moments in Beachwood, Ohio. Her meditation guidance is based on the philosophy of mindfulness, the non-judgemental awareness of the experience of the present moment. For complete information regarding her offerings, you may call or send her an email.

Awakening to Mindfulness Meditation

For those new to mindfulness practice, please contact Nancy for more information about receiving introductory guidance in mindfulness meditation and living with more ease and presence. Whether you have begun to explore mindfulness through readings, apps, or podcasts, or you are at the very beginning of considering the benefits of mindfulness in your life, speaking with Nancy can help you find the direction and motivation you need to move forward in becoming more mindful.

Deepening Mindfulness Practice

Designed for those who already have a regular practice in mindfulness meditation, or have at least had some previous instruction in the practice, the Deepening mindfulness meditation class series is offered to assist in the development of more regular meditation practice and a deeper understanding of the concepts of mindfulness. During this challenging time, we will be meeting virtually through Zoom each Monday afternoon from 5pm to 6:30pm. All are welcome to join in for discussion, connecting and shared meditation. There is no charge for these gatherings. Contact Nancy by calling (216-462-0530) or emailing (drnrubel@sbcglobal.net) if you would like to receive the Zoom link each week to participate, or if you would like individual guidance regarding mindfulness practice.


  • The fee for each Deepening class is $30, waived temporarily.
  • The fee for individual instruction in mindfulness meditation is $100 for just under an hour of meeting time and includes an initial phone consultation, waived temporarily.
  • Credit cards are the preferred method of payment. Forms for insurance reimbursement are provided for psychotherapy only.
  • Contact Dr. Rubel in Beachwood, Ohio, to receive guidance in mindfulness meditation at 216-462-0530 or drnrubel@sbcglobal.net